Moles (Talpa Europaea)

Mole Activity:

The mole is rarely seen, spending most of its life underground. The first sign of a mole problem is usually the appearance of several mounds of earth in the garden or within the grounds, these are molehills.

Actively digging throughout the year the mole establishes a large network of underground tunnels which become its habitat and feeding runs, there may be little evidence above ground of its presence.

Molehills appear when the tunnel systems are being enlarged in preparation for the breeding season or when the moles are extending or repairing existing tunnels, unfortunately for some this can be onto a lovely garden, playing field or golf course.

Moles are seen as being solitary and territorial, however several can be active in one area. Up to 20 moles have been caught in an area the size of a square acre. Moles are aggressive and will fight over territories.

Mole control is needed when the digging activities of a mole causes damage and destruction. Prompt Pest Services can offer various treatments to eradicate the problem.