Brown Rat (Rattus Norvegicus)

The Common Rat

The first signs of a rat problem could be from the noises you may hear, in the walls, under the floor, ceiling spaces, even decking. You may also find evidence of their droppings which will be approx. 1-2cm long and dark in colour, tapered at both ends. There may also be a distinctive smell of ammonia.

As rats teeth grow continuously they will gnaw on wood, plastic and other materials to keep them trimmed. Rats are also known for being responsible for being the cause of fires due to chewing through cables and wiring. Rats build their nests in warm enclosed places using various materials such as fabric and newspaper. Their burrows may be found in the garden under compost heaps, under sheds and garden decking.


The Brown Rat measures about 25cm and weighs approx. 500g. Each female can produce from 3-12 litters per year each containing between 6-8 young pups.

Potential harm: Rats are well known for spreading diseases, such as Leptospirosis (Weils disease) and Salmonella, this is possible because of their ability to hold many infectious bacteria's in their blood. Their constant and persistent gnawing can also cause a great deal of damage to a property, domestic and commercial.

Prompt Pest Services Control:

Effective rodent control involves proofing the area to ensure all visible holes and gaps are sealed (possibly using steel wool/bristle strips or another suitable preventative method). To eliminate rats already in your home or premises professional control materials such as baits and traps will be suitably placed.